The club meets in the car park of the Queen's Theatre Hornchurch.



In the summer there is a midweek beginners ride of 10-12 miles, at around 12 mph, setting off at 7.00pm on Wednesday night. In early Autumn we move the beginner's ride to Saturday morning at 8.00am, starting Wednesday again when evening light returns. The ride sticks together from start to finish and is design to encourage new and returning riders.


Each Saturday we run two key rides, as well as incorporating beginners rides also in winter months.



The Social ride of up to 30 miles (with a shorter route for any beginners). The route is purposely not announced, to ensure the focus remains on the orderly following of the ride leader, with the aim being to take on group riding techniques and push distance. The ride will stick together and no one will be dropped.


The "Un Groupetto" ride is a bridge between Saturday and Sunday rides, taking a higher pace, but shorter distance - the aim being to improve collaborative group riding for those taking part. The nature of this ride puts a greater expectation on the standard of riding within a group. The aim being for a group to maintain a higher average speed through draughting and rotation than could be maintained as individuals.



On Sunday mornings we run our main club ride, we ride at 8.00am with medium and fast club rides, sometimes with a social paced ride also. Routes are posted for a month in advance. It is expected that riders have reviewed the route distance, speed and gradients to ensure they are capable, for both themselves and the group they'll ride with. While the group will stop for mechanicals and punctures, it is expected that a rider who cannot keep up is able to navigate their way home.




We share our rides on our Strava club group. Last year club members collectively rode in excess of 240,000 miles. This group is for members only.

Garmin Connect

Our growing collection of over 100 local, national and even some international routes is shared on our club Garmin Connect page, ready to be loaded on Garmin devices for navigation. This group is again for members only.


Adopted more recently as cycling has moved away from Garmin devices to the likes of Wahoo, Polar and mobile phones. We now share rides in this service also, please note that the rides have to be transferred manually, so please be cognizant of the volunteer work needed for this. This group is for members only.

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